In our SEL program, we would like to encourage you to find your own way of how to implement this program in your practice, so that you feel comfortable with children and allow them enjoy the outdoor environment with all benefits it provides. And, to enable develop their personalities in more complex, natural way. To make your way easier, we prepared for you following materials, that you can use, if you want to fully implement the program and use its potential:

Teachers guide. In the guide, you will find all the details and description of the basic methodology of the program. Also, you will get practical tips on how to bring more nature to your school grounds and adjust your outdoor space for the wellbeing of children and other living creatures, including nature elements, while enhancing children connection to nature.  – Free
Download Teachers guide

Day Schedule. Following the proposed Day schedule can enable you to develop your routines, with integrated aspects of social – emotional learning, and thus making your work and program implementation easier. – For registered users only

Story book. The use of the stories proved to be one of the greatest, simplest and most valuable tools for supporting child´ s development. We provide you with 8 children stories related to learning about birds and nature, that support social – emotional learning.  – For registered users only

65 Activities, that you can use, along with the Day schedule and Story book, to achieve a positive impact of the program on children – For registered users only

3 Online modules – short version for free, full version for registered users